We have afternoon and evening leagues, open fun night on Thursday nights, and Friday evening drop in which is open to the public.

Bowls are free to new members for use the first year, and flat soled shoes are required when bowling on the green. Coaching and coaching clinics are available to new bowlers and members.

Port Alberni Club Bowling 2017 calendar

May 25 Presidents Cup Courtenay
June 28 & 29 Nexgen Men's &Women Pairs
Aug 5 & 6 Mixed triples
Aug 30 & Aug 31 Mixed PA Funtastic Sports Mixed Fours
Sept 17 & 18 Men/Women's Singles
Sept 17 & 18 Novice Singles

The Port Alberni Lawn Bowling Club is part of the Bowls Vancouver Island North and Powell River zone, we are affiliated with Bowls BC and Bowls Canada Boulingrin.

Club Current events:

Greens open May 6th

Anyone interested in Lawn Bowling then this is your invitation to come out and see what our sport is all about. We have all sizes of bowls for you to try and this will insure that you get the perfect fit for your hand size. All we would like for you to do is wear flat soled shoes.

Below I have listed dates for some of the games and events that we have planned. Look the dates over and if you see one that works for you good then come on down.

May 10th – Junior Program through Parks & Rec, cost $30 for six weeks. This program is from 3:30 – 4:30 and you will need to register through Parks & Rec.

May 12th – Family Drop in Program through Parks & Rec cost $30 for six weeks. This program is from 6:30 – 8:30 and you will need to register through Parks & Rec.

Our club also runs a family drop in session at the same time so lots of opportunity for you and your family to come out and enjoy.

May 13th - This is our first Open House of the season and will start at 1:30 till 4:30. This is a good start for people to see what Lawn Bowling is about and to talk with our members and of course to try the game after a very short introduction on how its played. Then you can come into the club house and enjoy refreshments.

May 20th is our next Open House which will follow the same routine as the first one with the exception that there will be a BBQ. Club members will supply salads and sweets and if you would like to participate you will need to bring your own meat for barbecuing.

Please phone the club at 250-724-3354 and leave a message on the answering machine (if no one answers) and let us know that you are planning on coming.

Maybe now that I’ve got your interest you may want to come , so make a note on your calendar that all Friday evenings are family drop in and we would love to see you come try our game. starts at 6:30 pm

May 29th and 30th This is our members only tournament and it is called the RED SOCKS. Now I can hear you say how did it get such a weird name? Answer is a founding member kept having his socks taken by his kids so he decided to dye them red and you guessed it they no longer took his socks. When he passed on we decided to honour him by naming a tournament after him.

June 8th Seniors week starts this during this date and we will host a Seniors Day. This is open for all seniors from 6:30-8:30pm. We will have coffee and tea plus sweets to share so come out and enjoy.

Now that I’ve given you some dates to see if any or all work for you I hope you will come have some fun and enjoy our game also a good way to meet our members. Most people may think this game is for ‘old people’ and really it isn’t. Its’ for all ages which I might add that most sports can’t say that may that statement. Actually some clubs on the Island have members from as young as 10 years. We also have one club on the Island that has blind bowlers who this year participated in a tournament in Europe.

My challenge to you – give us a try and you might find that it is just the right fit for you.

See you on the green

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